At WOW, we provide members with exclusive access to a team of five specialized coaches, catering to essential areas for women. 

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Our coaches specialize in...

MINDSET - Refining your mindset towards growth-oriented thinking

PARENTING - Enhancing family communication skills to foster a harmonious household environment

HEALTH - Empowering healthy habits that cultivate the best version of you

WEALTH - Building entrepreneurial mindset and skills towards financial freedom

SELF-LOVE - Finding the self-love you deserve and taming that inner mean girl 


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Become a part of our dynamic and empowering community. Our network of coaches specializes in mindset, health, and financial expertise. Experience the numerous advantages awaiting you as you embark on this journey.

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What our clients say...

“Amy is a gift to this world. She sees the world through eyes of potential and possibilities and when she looks at you, she sees the same. She doesn’t see the broken, discouraged person that you present. She won’t hear your excuses, no matter how well you’ve convinced yourself it’s true. She sees you in your best light, and she welcomes you to step into the wholeness of all you are, all while supporting you every step of the way.”

-Janaiah von Hassel

“Having a plan and support from WOW, I was able to create a life for myself that I have become incredibly proud of. As my children are getting older and getting ready to go out on their own, I now feel motivated to take on this next chapter of my life. WOW has been such a refreshing and life changing experience. More than anything else, it opened up my eyes to all the opportunities I never knew I had.”

-Angela Lasky

“When you set intentions with Amy and like-minded women, miracles happen!! Never underestimate the power of setting intentions with Amy. Get clear on what you want because the universe can’t wait to give it to you.”

-Becka and Finn Cail

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